course, a bandage is not a required element of clothes pregnant woman.As a rule, it is prescribed in cases where the back of the future mother can not stand the load, in cases where previous pregnancy ended by caesarean section.Also, much depends on the physical shape of a woman and her physiological characteristics.Absolutely needs a bandage on keeping women and those who are threatened by the failure of pregnancy.

Bandage always prescribed by a doctor.It also defines the required dimensions, it also gives instructions on how to wear this piece.Before you start wearing a bandage on a regular basis, it is best advised to have a doctor in the correctness of his position.Otherwise there is

a threat of harm to the fetus.

To properly you need to wear a bandage:

  1. Choosing the right band.When you purchase you just need fitting.To measure a bandage for the first time should be lying down, so you can feel the support and with the help of a band to pick up the child, and not pressurized.

  2. bandage need to dress so that it rests on the lower back, rested on your hips and fixed to the pubic bone.

  3. Wear bandage better always lying, but when you feel like it should fix, the procedure can be carried out and standing.

  4. Remember, you are growing all the time, so the Velcro fastening band needed time to rearrange everything.Therefore, the procedure of dressing in "armor" should take place with a high concentration.You should feel the moment when the amount should increase.

  5. bandage is worn on the clothes.This can be a T-shirt, sweatshirt, or special high panties.The tissue layer helps avoid discomfort and possible friction.

Bandages come in different designs, and they are not created by chance.Depending on the problem, due to which, maternity prescribed bandage, bandage and choose a model.Willful decision on this matter will not be tolerated, as well as ignoring the doctor's instructions.

Expectant mothers need to understand the full extent of the responsibility entrusted to them by Mother Nature.You just have to do everything necessary to ensure that the baby was developing normally in the womb and was born into the world as it should be.Pay attention to yourself and your future.