«How to get rid of traces of acne?" This question is of interest to many women.Let's try to advise you some effective methods of treatment.

first method is miraculous masks from clay emerald.For its preparation you need to buy clay and light (ether) oil of rosemary.Then take half a tablespoon of green clay and dilute it with water until smooth, reminiscent of cream.Then, to add to the clay few drops of essential oil.The resulting mask you need to apply massage on problem areas of the skin where there are traces of acne or scars and leave for 10 minutes.After this procedure, it is necessary to wash off the mask with warm water and apply on the face of any emollient cream can gel.Such masks are recommended every other day for one week.If, after this course you will be not happy, then

2 weeks later, doctors beauticians recommend to repeat this procedure again.

second way to get rid of acne marks, based on the use of white clay with lemon juice.For its preparation, as well as in the first recipe, you will need half a tablespoon of white clay, which must be diluted with water in such a mass add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.This mask is carefully applied to the problem of the skin by about a quarter of an hour after it is washed off with water and soften the skin with a cream or gel.

The third way - a cucumber juice with a brilliant bleaching properties.We need special rub and apply on problem areas.

fourth way - a broth of parsley.He will cope with an unpleasant problem.You will only need to prepare a decoction and wait for it to cool and then pour it available under the hands of molds for ice and put the broth in the freezer.As a result, the ice will get will be helpful to soak the skin morning and evening efficiently, especially because this ice is not only save you from the marks on the skin, but also tones it.

Fifth way - is an alcoholic tincture of Hypericum, which you can cook at home as follows: 2 tablespoons of grass on the sealing pour a glass of alcohol (vodka may be) and put in a dark and cool place to infuse for about ten days.After this time, this infusion massaging in a circular motion wipe traces of acne, morning and evening.