The main feature of this disease is that it affects the enamel first a little, then harder and harder.That is not a smart way you can lose a tooth.Time of disease depends on the individual.

What causes tooth decay?Cariogenic bacteria, the flora of the mouth, and even the food we eat every day.To avoid the disease, you need to very carefully monitor their teeth and overall health.Sometimes caries causing frequent sore throats, SARS and other purulent inflammation of the nasopharynx.Furthermore, intestinal chronic infections also dangerous.

caries can be effectively treated only at the dentist's office.The fact that the erosion of the tooth can be eliminated, but it is difficult to stop it.Methods of prevention is

not so complicated, especially if you build them to the rank habits and daily ritual.

  1. to teeth are strong and healthy they need to be cleaned every day, twice.Traditionally advised to brush their teeth in the morning and evening.

  2. During the day, the food should be used mouthwash or just rinse your mouth with cold water.

  3. Also, do not forget to floss it can help to remove pieces of food that get stuck between the teeth.Such residues are often provoke disorder.

  4. check your teeth for health, it is necessary every six months.It happens that some of this is not enough, then the observation at the dentist is required.

  5. Rinse your teeth can be a weak solution of garlic juice, it disinfects the mouth and struggling with pathogenic flora.

  6. Another important point is the strengthening of the whole organism.Drink calcium and magnesium.Rational use vitamins in the complex, in any case, can not hurt.

  7. eat right.Increase the amount of dairy products, fruit and vegetables.

At the initial stage to treat tooth decay is not complicated, long and not too expensive.However, advanced forms of life can greatly damage.Therefore, carefully follow the condition of the mouth and warn the disease at an early stage.