best method to treat scoliosis, is its prevention.However, even with the existing deviations from the norm can be combated.Medicines and herbal teas here are useless.The only thing that can help is exercise and the simple rules of behavior.

The first thing that will help get rid of scoliosis, it is control over their posture.If the situation is not critical, and your spine is not yet coiled, then go with a flat back - there is a reason.Sitting on a chair, too, need to chat if you feel hard to provide for themselves rigid back and a flat bed.

second is swimming.Water allows the body to adopt an anatomically correct posture, so align the spine, engaging i

n the pool, a lot easier.Learn to crawl and breaststroke style and begin to deal with.Loads should not be large, it takes up a light tiredness in the muscles.

Third, it is gymnastics.To treat scoliosis do not need to engage in the gym and drag the bar.It is enough to do the warm-up and a series of exercises on the horizontal bar.

1. Preheat the muscles.Start by leaning forward, first try to pull your hands in front of him, bent over the letter "G", and then remove the fingers to the toes.

2. Sit on the floor, pull the legs in front of him.Back straight, pull your hands in front of him.Then make the slopes to his knees, trying to go on foot.Not too zealous, stretch the spine long and gradual affair.

3. It is useful to hang on the bar or the wall bars.Just take hold of the bar higher and straighten your back, you will feel as comfortable was the spine.

If the situation has reached a critical state, the self is excluded.For serious cases, provided the individual physiotherapy under the supervision of doctors.