fibroadenoma is the most common form of benign breast tumor.Appearing on the background of hormonal imbalance, it is a form of nodal mastopathy.This is usually a painless tight formation that resembles a ball.All kinds of tumors, even benign, require careful monitoring under medical supervision.
diagnosis is made on the results of examination and ultrasound of the breast.In some cases, it requires a biopsy.Fence fabric pieces reveals the cellular composition and prevent the emergence of breast cancer, giving an idea of ​​the benign or malignant nature of the tumor.The definitive diagnosis is possible only after the histological examination of the removed tissue, if an operation.
fibroadenoma treatment
is conservative and surgical.The optimal strategy is selected on the basis of the examination, ultrasound, biopsy.Take also a blood test for hormones.Courses conservative therapies aimed at tumor resolution, recommended for small forms of fibroadenomas.However, it is important not to lose precious time if the US does not control the positive dynamics of growth of fibroadenomas or shows, the question about the operation.The need for timely surgical intervention to prevent the possibility of transformation into malignant neoplasms.
question of indications for surgery should be decided strictly individual basis and take into account the results of surveys.One of the biggest arguments in favor of surgery is planned pregnancy, during pregnancy as possible fast and uncontrolled growth of tumors caused by hormonal changes.Increases in this case, and the chance of malignant transformation.
is not recommended to attempt to cure adenoma folk remedies.Treatment of advanced forms of the disease is much more complex and leaves a significant external defects.In some cases, you want to remove the entire breast, and sometimes we are talking about saving lives.Therefore, it is better to see a doctor as soon as you feel pain in the chest, feeling of swelling, fullness, heaviness in the breast.The reason for referral to a specialist are also nipple discharge, and swollen lymph nodes under the armpits.The doctor will examine you and determine treatment strategy.