Tip 1: How to remove the breeches

Most women think about the way in which to remove the breeches on the hips.This problem can be solved by using two known methods: a set of special exercises in combination with various types of massage and diet or liposuction.
If you choose a diet and physical exercise, then you should start by changing their daily diet.For proper nutrition is necessary to choose the products that will stimulate fat cell receptors Beta.1 and exclude from your diet all foods that stimulate the receptors Alfa.2.
should be completely excluded from the diet of easily digestible carbohydrates, which are so many different cakes, biscuits, cakes and other sweets.It should also abandon the animal fats.For well suited diet of fruits, vegetables, foods containing complex carbohydrates, and protein-based foods.
order to find the right diet is best to contact a dietitian.After conducting a full examination and passing all the required tests, your nutritionist will be able to develop for you an optimal diet
that will be effective only for you.
now proceed to the second stage - the physical load.To remove the breeches on the hips, special attention should be given to exploring the outer side of the thigh, because the breeches is subcutaneous fat, is located on the outer part of the thigh.
All exercises that help to get rid of breeches on hips, based on the number of movements is quite understandable: max feet in different positions, the movement "scissors" and "bicycle" and jumping.
In order to enhance the effect of exercise and diet should be massage the problem area.Begin the massage should be with a light stroking and then rubbing the problem areas can be a bit to stretch and shake.Completing massage should be slow stroking.
Effective massage using a special anti-cellulite cream.The duration of the massage is usually not be more than ten minutes.Massage should not be held at disease colds and infectious diseases.If you have a chronic disease, then the possibility of massages is best to consult your doctor.
Liposuction to combat breeches is the fastest and most effective way to improve the figure, because after treatment results become permanent fat cells in a problem area will not accumulate for a long time.

Tip 2: How to remove zone breeches

Zone breeches - this fat on the sides of the thighs.They arise because the fat molecules precipitate in places where stagnant blood.From breeches does not help get rid of even a sharp drop weight - fat in this area is practically not reduced.
How to remove zone breeches
most radical way of getting rid of this problem - liposuction is the removal of fat cells with the help of surgery.Alternatively, you can try a combination of physical exercises and massage with a balanced diet, eliminate from the diet digestible carbohydrates and animal fats.
Exercise to increase perspiration to run in the wool kolgotkah.Lezha on the bed on his side, sveste down the upper leg straightened.Raise and lower it.Start with 10 repetitions and gradually bring their number to 30.Syadte on the floor, straighten and spread his legs apart.Arms slightly bent at the elbows, rests on the floor.Attracts his knees to his shoulders so that his legs were stretched perpendicular to the floor.Then, pull the legs parallel to the floor line.Start with 4 exercise, then increase the number to 10.
Standing straight, place feet shoulder width apart.With bowed head and outstretched arms start slowly squat and rise.At the same time, try to stretch the back muscles and pull in the belly.The minimum number of repetitions for this exercise - 4 times, the maximum - 10 raz.Sidya on the floor, lean back in his arms.Bent knees slowly dilute the sides and back.Start with 6 repetitions and bring their number to 12.
At massage of problem areas, performed by an experienced master, increases blood flow and improves the flow of lymph, which helps speed up metabolism, reduce body fat and increase muscle tone.At home, you can try to do self-massage using medical glass jars.The material is to be pre-lubricated with massage oil.
Warming up the body in a bath for 10-15 minutes, rub the problem areas hard sponge or towel.Decoction of herbs and essential oils are added to the water to enhance the effect of the procedure.Self-massage is recommended by no more than 10 minutes.Avoid this method if you have skin lesions, large hernias, chronic illness and disease in the acute form.
How to remove zone breeches - a very serious matter.For most women breeches zone is the most problematic.But at the present time there are productive ways to deal with this problem.Let us in this article, consider natural methods of influence on the area breeches and consider radical method of struggle how kbrat zone breeches.
Helpful Hint
Galliffet - a local deposition of fat, which is largely explained by the constitution of the body.That's why people who do not have extra weight in other parts of the body, can have riding breeches, and, of course, the problem area will be the first increase with increasing weight.Looks breeches zone not too aesthetically pleasing, it is also very difficult to choose clothes: wide at the waist, the hips narrow.
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