you need
  • - garlic;
  • - celandine;
  • - aloe;
  • - soda.
Warts are well treated, but if removing the tactics chosen correctly, there may be complications.The most common cosmetic flaws remain in the form of scars or burns on the independent use of solutions such as "Superchistotelo" sulfuric acid or alkali.Therefore, in the treatment of warts should consult a doctor and a reasonable precaution.
In modern treatments for warts include cryotherapy, electrocautery, vitamin therapy.When vitamin therapy warts smeared with vitamin E, while taking into vitamins A and E. The most modern and bloodless removal of warts is laser.
not be discounted and proven popular for centuries ways of getting rid of wa
rts.Especially, they can be effective in children.
Take a large and luscious head of garlic, peel a clove.Clean and cut it in half.One half rub the wart and the wart pribintuyte second night.In the morning, remove the bandage.The day has doubled rub the wart with fresh garlic juice.Do not forget to wash your hands before going to lubricate the wart.But the night again, cut a slice and tie it to the wart.Repeat 7-10 days.The procedures for getting rid of warts should start in the waning moon.
Treatment of warts with garlic can be combined with the lubrication of its fresh juice celandine herbs, ieat night and tied rubbed garlic on the wart, and yellow grease afternoon juice plucked grass celandine.
Removing warts aloe.In a glass of warm water, dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda incomplete, soak a piece of cotton wool, apply for 10 minutes on the wart.From the cut and washed aloe leaf, cut a slice and cut it lengthwise.One half slices lubricate the wart, another lay upon her and pribintuyte overnight.The remains of the cut aloe store in the refrigerator.Repeat 7 to 10 days.