himself periodontal disease - a painful condition of the gums, which is caused by atrophic processes.The exact cause of periodontitis have not figured out so far, but suggest that the occurrence of periodontal disease provokes a lack of pressure on the teeth and gums, lack of vitamins and trace elements.Periodontology periodontal disease is characterized as the exposure of the neck of the tooth, excessive tooth sensitivity, reaction to cold and hot food.Also mentioned above, the cause of periodontal disease is the lack of blood supply to the gingival tissues, which can lead to atrophy of tissues in severe cases, and then to the loss of the teeth themselves.

It is not a pity, but there is no effective treatment of p

eriodontal disease.Of course there are modern methods, tools and therapies that allow some degree to treat periodontal disease, the gums to perform a partial recovery, but sometimes this is not enough.To improve blood flow may be performed massage gums and physiotherapy.In the case of the patient's complaints of excessive tooth sensitivity, itching, aching pain untreated, which allows you to take these symptoms.You can also carry out activities to help allow the gums to stay healthy: professional oral hygiene, removal of tartar, various orthopedic activities, including prosthetics.In parallel with other activities can be carried out drug treatment, which includes vitamin therapy and hormonal treatments.

As mentioned earlier, to treat periodontal disease is almost impossible, but if you regularly and in good faith to engage in preventive measures, you can keep your teeth and gums healthy.Prevention of periodontal disease include the following: to eliminate smoking, carefully follow the oral hygiene, follow a certain diet (rich in vitamins and essential trace elements, eliminating the excessive intake of sweet) and eat food, cleaning and massaging the gums (apples, carrots, etc.).