We must remember the thousands of cases, to memorize dozens of people and phone numbers, and navigate in the space.At the service of human dozens of assistive devices, and natural abilities of the body are not used in full.Therefore, you must train your memory to best perceive the world.

How to develop memory, based on its features

First of all, it should be noted that a person owns several kinds of memory.Among them are visual, auditory and motor.The name reflects the action, which is based on the process of remembering.Visual memory is based on the results of observations in the hearing postponed what we hear, motor automatically registers our actions.Therefore, the memory can only develop together with the development of other properties and possibilities of the human.A huge role in the development of memory plays a practice of observation and attention.Also

, no matter how it may seem strange at first sight, to keep a good memory to be able to keep the brain active, constantly train him, to eat, to give body to a well deserved rest.Sleep as much as you need to fully recuperate.

How to develop memory techniques

way to develop memory invented a lot.Among them are traditional methods, and game techniques and evidence-based development programs.All the techniques used in them can be generally divided into the use of mnemonics (relying on verbal logical thinking) and eydotehniki (concretely relies on creative thinking).There is plenty of literature on memory training, there are the basic simple exercises that are easy to learn on their own.The main thing is to decide as to which methods will suit you.To do this, you need to analyze how best you memorize information.If you have hearing easier means better developed auditory memory, and its need to train and in parallel to develop other ways.If better developed visual memory, you need to compare a speech to create mental images that will greatly improve absorption.You can then select the appropriate method.

Exercise should systematically, gradually increasing the amount of stored information items.The methods used should be changed periodically to unabated interest in the classes, and they are fun.