you need
  • - chamomile, field horsetail;
  • - dill, parsley.
sure to consult with your doctor and take them to the necessary tests to clarify the diagnosis and the treatment desired.According to the recommendations of the experts are taking prescription medications.If your health there is any cause for concern, in addition to a urologist or gynecologist immediately visit the appropriate doctor.Frequent sore throat, poor dental health, or general decline in immunity may facilitate the flow of cystitis in a more acute form.
Increase the amount of fluids, drink more than 2 liters per day.Prefer warm berry juice, imperfect black or green tea.Carbonated beverages, co
ffee is better not to drink.Alcoholic drinks are completely excluded from use.
Follow the diet, eliminating the disease at the time of all spices, spicy seasonings, possibly salt and acidic foods.During this period, as the main dishes cook different cereals and soups.
Pay special attention to hygiene of genitals, use for washing decoction of herbs (chamomile, field horsetail).Change your underwear at least 1 time per day.Sex is to eliminate the symptoms of cystitis limit, and if available, use a condom.
Reduce the level of physical activity, give up during treatment from serious athletic training, etc.Temporarily replace them with a small charge, and walks in the fresh air.
apply such traditional medicine as an infusion of fennel (a glass of boiling water in the dessert spoon of fennel, infuse for half an hour and strain) or seeds of parsley (in a glass of cool boiled water to soak 1/2 teaspoon of seedsand infuse for 10 hours).
In no case do not supercool.In the absence of heat mayhem feet in warm water, or put a heating pad on the abdomen.