You may be given folic acid not only during pregnancy or planning, but also for violations of blood, anemia, with bowel disease and gastrointestinal tract in violation of digestion and absorption of necessary substancesAfter surgery on the stomach or intestine.And also if you have had severe illness, suffering alcoholism or drug addiction, go through chemotherapy or radiation therapy or taking drugs or sulphonamides metiluradila.
If the doctor has not appointed another dose, take folic acid daily 20-50 mg 1 time a day a
fter meal.This dose will be preventive in order to prevent anemia and a lack of the vitamin.
If you are planning a pregnancy, taken daily after a meal to 200 micrograms of folic acid.During pregnancy, increase the dose to 400 mg during lactation, take a daily 300 micrograms of vitamin B9.In some cases, your doctor may prescribe a different dose.During pregnancy, the recommended intake of folic acid can not be assigned is less than the first three months.
Kids folic acid dose and assigns a pediatrician, depending on the age and the reasons for which additional intake of vitamin B9.Therefore, the recommendation for admission can only give local doctor.
a part of all multivitamin complexes folic acid is present in different doses.So if you're taking any vitamins or, be sure to notify your physician.
take folic acid no more than 30 days.If your doctor has prescribed a long-term use, follow its recommendations.
Folic acid is well tolerated, but some patients can cause allergic reactions and urticaria.When side effects Stop taking vitamin and seek medical attention immediately.