Fight croup only yourself in any case can not, be sure to call the doctor.Even if the stenosis (laryngeal edema) is not too pronounced, it can develop very quickly.As a result of choking occur, which can lead to death.If a small child ill with croup, it must be offered to be hospitalized.But first you need to provide emergency care to the patient.
actions should be aimed at restoring breathing and relieving mucosal edema of the larynx, neutralizing its muscles spasms.If the symptoms are not very pronounced, just provide fresh air to the room where the sick and calm him
If there is no heat, let the patient take a bath for 5-10 minutes.The temperature of the water must first be 37 ° C, and then slightly increased to 39 ° C.
Give the patient a drink - as much as possible.Suit fruit drinks and tea with honey and lemon, rosehip infusion, milk, butter, honey and soda, plain water.
Make a steam inhalation with a pinch of baking soda (1 teaspoon per cup of water), chamomile extract, sage, eucalyptus.Do inhalations are necessary every 3 hours, they greatly facilitate the patient's condition.
physician enters the patient croup suprastin 2% solution intramuscularly.If a child is suffering from croup, and he was very restless, to prevent possible seizures, injected with 0.5% sodium seduksena 0.25% solution of droperidol or 20% solution of sodium hydroxybutyrate.In marked stenosis necessarily prednisone is administered intramuscularly.If you need to give heart and antipyretic agents.
If the dealer is very strong, the patient should definitely be taken to the hospital.There, he will hold the inhalation of warm and humid air and oxygen therapy.If the dealer is not due to a virus, a bacterial infection, antibiotics are prescribed.With an increase in respiratory failure is a nasotracheal intubation or tracheostomy.