you need
  • - a 20% propolis tincture;
  • - 70% of medical alcohol.
treatment of otitis carried out primarily with antibiotics.If the middle ear is accumulated a significant amount of pus, the doctor-otolaringilog can make a puncture of the eardrum to the middle ear cleared.This prevents the penetration of liquid into the inner ear and relieves pain.Better to spend treatment in a hospital, was provided to intramuscular antibiotics penicillin, as well as 3-4 times a day washing ear hydrogen peroxide after a puncture (paracentesis), and burying microbicides (dioksidina, Sofradeks et al.).
also shown physiotherapy and vasoconstrictor nasal drops, such galazolin, ephedrine, etc. Sanorin.
not started in the cases of otitis med
ia are an effective means of hot compress.To make it, take 50 ml of 70% medical alcohol and diluting it with an equal amount of hot water, wet gauze.Wrap it around the ear.Then compress Insulate warm woolen or flannel cloth and leave for 2 hours.Compression can do every day before going to sleep until it is healing.
very effective use of propolis tincture pharmacy.For the treatment of inflammation middle ear , overfill in the ear warm cotton-gauze turundochku soaked in 20% propolis tincture, at night for 10-12 days.
wonderful anti-inflammatory action has an ear alcohol bath.It should be instilled into the affected ear, 5-7 drops of warmed up to 37 degrees of 70% rubbing alcohol.After instillation should lie down for 20 minutes, then plug the ear with warm cotton turundochkoy.The procedure to be performed at night to go out after that is undesirable.The pain subsides after 5-7 minutes.