It's no secret that the visual acuity, primarily affects fatigue, weariness of the whole body.Therefore, in order to see clearly, get plenty of rest.Plenty slept, you are sure to see the world quite different eyes, both literally and figuratively.
However, an excess of time to sleep and rest by itself does not solve problems with vision , if any, are already available.In the complex, it is necessary to carry out various exercises for the eyes.One of these gyms can be recommended as a way of improving the people's means.
Sit in a comfortable chair in front of a window or outdoors.Relax.Focus your
eyes on some relatively close objects, located just 3-4 meters away from you.Look at him about half a minute.Then look away from the subject.It is advisable to look in the unlimited space: the sky, the skyline, and so on.
Now look at the relatively distant object, located a few miles away from you.This may be the roof of a distant home or anything else.Try to focus your eyes on him and kept his eyes well for 30 seconds.
again relax your eyes, look in the direction of an unlimited space.Repeat this exercise every day 2-3 times a day for 10-15 minutes.As a result of systematic implementation of this exercise, you will get trained eye muscles and improve the elasticity of the lens of the eye, leading to better vision.
But we should not think that by working out a week or two, you'll notice significant improvements.In order to achieve tangible effect requires a sufficiently long period of continuous employment, but the tenacity and perseverance required to bring their positive results.
also need to understand what causes impaired vision may be quite different.And in order to not completely lose the ability to see, in case of problems with eyesight necessarily need to seek medical attention.