about how to move the child must, every mother knows only from his own experience.Movement can be similar to the splashing of fish or fluttering butterflies.Most expectant mothers with the first stimulus begin to perceive the fetus already as a child.

first movement of the fetus rather timid, without any coordination with its development they become more ordered and acquire a meaning and significance.For example, the fruit of the fifth month of aftershocks can make 20-60 a day, and sometimes even more.It is worth noting that the rhythm and strength of movements vary with time of day.

On the 24th week of pregnancy, fetal movements will recall motion newborn.Since then, the child is const

antly "talking" with my mother on the body language of his happiness, anxiety, pleasure or well-being.In addition, the fruit is quite sensitive to the emotional state of the mother.For example, if the mother is happy, or experiencing, the child should move the most active or, conversely, become quiet for some time.

too frequent, painful movement of the fetus may indicate a potential problem child.Sometimes the baby move can cause discomfort mother.In this situation, the expectant mother is necessary to change the position of the body.If within a few hours, fetal movement will still be hurt, you should immediately notify your doctor.Some women in the third trimester of pregnancy are experiencing pain in hypochondrium - deviation of this fact is not considered.

If the uterus to develop two of the fetus, the woman may experience heavy traffic everywhere.It is worth noting that by the end of pregnancy, a lot of activity seen at the location of the limbs of the baby.