At the first signs you can start to take daily contrast shower, it helps to improve blood circulation.Better to start with cool water and hot finish the procedure.In addition, during the shower, rub the feet in a circular motion using a massage brush or sponge.Once in the body can be easily massaged to put a special anti-cellulite gel or cream.
return your skin elasticity and beauty capable of frequent (at least twice a week) 20-30 minute bath.With their decision, you can add a variet
y of marine concentrates and salt, and, if possible, and milk (first dissolve in a glass of milk a couple of spoons of bath salt and a little lemon (you can of orange) essential oil. The resulting mixture pour into a hot bath.
excellent exposure to the skin masks and scrubs. They can prepare yourself: grind oats in a coffee grinder or blender, then add it to milk, the proportion of pick up so that in the end you have a thick paste. Thereand the other mask, it does not even need to specifically prepare because for it you only need coffee grounds. Apply the mask on problem areas, would be superfluous and light patting massage. Leave on a body part for 10-15 minutes, then rinse. This procedure willmore effective and efficient after taking a bath.
In home conditions are possible even anti-cellulite body wraps using different therapeutic agents (eg, clay, algae, mud, etc.).After application to the skin of one of them, the body should be wrapped in plastic wrap (this is necessary in order to achieve thermoeffect);You can also put on warm clothes, lie down under a blanket.Duration of treatment may be from 30 to 45 minutes.After it, take a shower and moisturize the skin cream.