you need
  • - vasoconstrictor drugs;
  • - sea salt solution;
  • - colloidal silver solution;
  • - onion juice, honey;
  • - bay leaf;
  • - cosmetic clay;
  • - aloe juice, honey, onion juice, Vishnevsky ointment.
during the acute course of the disease is necessary to ensure the patient bed rest, since at this time of sinusitis is often accompanied by high fever, excruciating headaches.To ensure the outflow of pus from the frontal sinus to the nasal cavity, it is necessary to use vasoconstrictor agents.
Walk course of physiotherapy.If intoxication symptoms are removed, and the body temperature was stabilized, then with the free discharge from the expiry of the frontal sinuses can undergo physiotherapy treatment (h
eating of the blue lamp solux, UHF).
Make inhalation with potatoes or herbal infusions.Inhalation of vapors nose can effectively thin the mucus, relieves swelling, facilitates blowing the nose.
Rinse the sinuses with a solution of sea water - you can buy ready-made cans of spray or make your own saline solution (a teaspoon of salt in a glass of boiled water).Removing mucus is also produced in the hospital - into one nostril is filled with a drug, but from the other nostril, he sucked.Under the pressure of the pus is squeezed out of the sinus cavity and washed.
Reception antibacterial drugs is shown in the most severe cases, when the fever lasts for a long time, and the disease is complicated.
During the chronic sinusitis should be lightly dry the nasal mucosa - lubricate the oral colloidal silver solution, use a vasoconstrictor drops.
Use the methods of traditional medicine - bury your nose in a mixture of onion juice and honey, breathe on the bay leaf decoction is applied to the frontal sinus cakes of clay.Prepare the cream of aloe juice, honey, onion juice and ointment Vishnevsky, lubricate the composition of cotton flagella and put them into the nasal cavity for half an hour.
If conservative treatment does not work, it makes sense to agree to surgery - a puncture and purification of the frontal sinuses.All manipulations are carried out under local or general anesthesia.Through an incision above the eyebrow, the doctor enters the cranial cavity, frontal sinus opens and removes the pus.Then set the drainage structure, and the edges of the incision closed with stitches.After three weeks of drainage is removed.