you need
  • - a sheet of paper into the cell;
  • - pencil;
  • - medical thermometer.
called basal body temperature at rest.It is not affected by external factors such as stress or weather conditions.That is why it reflects the objective condition of the body and reproductive system in particular.Temperature chart helps to suspect or exclude the problem, which is very important when planning a pregnancy.
your temperature every morning, beginning with the first day of the menstrual cycle (ie, the date of occurrence of menses).Use a clean thermometer personal.The most informative are indications resulting rectal temperature measurements.
the evening cook clean the thermometer.It does not matte
r, mercury, he or email.The important thing is that the instrument is the same throughout the cycle.If you're using a mercury thermometer, shake off previous statements to the level of 34-34,5 degrees.
Immediately after waking cooked enter a thermometer into the rectum.If you use a digital thermometer, take measurements until the beep sounds.Traditional mercury thermometer hold at least three minutes.
Remove the thermometer and record the measured time in the schedule.Daily adjacent dots.Minor fluctuations in temperature within the same phase of the cycle is allowed, as long as there was a large variation of temperature values.
In the first phase of the cycle the temperature should be below 37 degrees.For most women, the average reading is even lower - at the level of 36,5-36,6 degrees.Ovulation can be seen in the chart on the retraction temperature.On the day of oocyte maturation it is 36,2-36,4 gradusa.Vtoraya phase is characterized by high values ​​of temperature (37 degrees and higher).Ideally, the difference of average temperatures before and after ovulation should be at least 0.4 degrees.