So your doctor has prescribed you a douche.To start buy drugs from a pharmacy, a doctor's appointment, and mug douches.For each disease using their medications.For example, thrush is treated with the help of tincture of calendula, tea tree oil and elderberry flowers.With inflammatory processes help to cope hlorofillipt and vagotin become your friend in the fight against trichomoniasis.
Arriving home, dilute the drug in water in the correct proportions and pour the warm solution into the syringe.Be sure to use a new tip, otherwise increase the risk of infection by various bacteria.
Relax and insert the tip of the syringe into the vagina.Do this lying down, spreading his knees apart.Click on the bulb, relea
sing the therapeutic solution.Keep an eye on the water pressure - it should not be too strong.Otherwise, the liquid gets into the uterine cavity and bring about new gynecological problems.
total, this procedure takes 10-15 minutes.One course of treatment includes from 7 to 10 douching.Start with two times a day (morning and evening), with the improvement of your health go to the 1 times a day.After some time a day do douching and finally 1-2 times a week.
In addition, douching can hold their own for reasons of hygiene.At the same time this procedure allows not more than 1 time per week.Be very careful, because douching can lead to the development of various diseases associated with the violation of the vaginal flora.
Like any other treatment, douching has some contraindications.In particular, refuse this procedure if you are pregnant, have recently given birth or have an abortion.Also use douching is not recommended during menstruation and for women with the following diseases: adnexitis, metroendometritis, parameters, and other pelvioperitonit.