Get rid of these unpleasant manifestations of disorders in the digestive system helps proper nutrition during pregnancy.Eat often (five to seven times a day), but gradually.Choose foods that cause alkaline reaction: cream, milk, cottage cheese, boiled meat, fish, white bread.Avoid fatty and fried foods, hot spices and sauces, sour juice and vegetables containing crude fiber.
not wear during pregnancy tight belts and clothing, contracting the abdomen.Buying a band, make sure that it has been chosen correctly.Teach yourself to dress carefully, without sudden movements.During physical exercise (charging, gymnastics for pregnant women
) do not do any sit-ups and slopes.
Avoid bedtime of strong tea and other beverages containing caffeine.The long and deep sleep not only refreshes, but also helps to fight many diseases.Malfunctions of the digestive system is no exception.
Often heartburn is worse at night when you turn over in bed from one side to the other.Walk around the room or sit up in bed, drinking cool carbonated water.Use extra pillows to, settling for sleep, put it in the bed headboard.In this position the gastric contents will not be exposed to the esophagus, mucous membrane irritating.Get used to it after dinner walk on the square, the park, to the food eaten digested until the time you go to sleep.
Do not take any medications for heartburn and bloating without consulting a doctor.Observing all preventive measures, you can get rid of these problems by yourself.If relief does not occur, refer to a gastroenterologist, a doctor assigned to you with the necessary preparations.