Tip 1: How to unlearn biting his nails

nail biting is considered to be mainly a problem child, but in fact it is quite common among adults.

It would seem quite harmless habit, but it is not so: the nail is a natural protective barrier beneath a thick layer of epithelium is not, and the destruction of the nail plate reveals very sensitive tissue.Entering to infection can cause severe inflammation.Also during the nibble nail can cause a crack on the nail plate, which can also reach the microbes or fungus.

Moreover, committed to this habit does not usually stop at obkusyvaniya nail and cuticle and gnaw.This leads to the formation of burrs, which also become inflamed.On the aesthetic component of this habit and say no: rough grubby nails, cuticle into the wound and valleys - all of this is unlikely to someone decorate.

How to unlearn biting his nails?First of all, pay attention to the psychological component: a nail-biting is one of the manifestations of neurosis.This can be caused by anxiety and problems with self-esteem, troubles at work o

r in the family.In this case it is necessary to do treatment or strengthening of the nervous system, to eliminate excessive anxiety and stop nail biting.

However, the treatment of neuroses - is a complex process and is not always guaranteed success, so it makes sense to adopt a few simple techniques that will help to unlearn biting his nails.

The first is to turn to the long-standing folk ways: nails to smear something so unpleasant taste, that any attempt to bite them will be accompanied by extremely unpleasant.Improvised there to offer soap or mustard, but is now produced special nail polish with a pronounced bitterness, designed to deal with this habit.They are almost invisible on the nails, do not give no color, no gloss, so are suitable not only for women, but also men and children.

Another effective way - of artificial nails.Thick gel or acrylic plate not only protects its own brittle nails from the ravages of teeth: it also virtually impossible to crack.This method is suitable for men: the plate can give a short view of the natural nail.

And yet another way to - exclusively for women and girls: make a beautiful manicure on your nails with nail design elements such as rhinestones, sequins and patterns.In such a beauty, many simply do not raise a hand - it has teeth.In addition to good quickly get used to, and few people want to change the exquisite manicure on ugly stubby nails.

Tip 2: How not to bite the cheek

Biting the inside of the cheeks can become a real problem.Under the influence of tooth covered by mucous sores, inflamed and sore.There are more serious consequences when the aid is necessary to call the surgeon or oncologist.Urgently take himself in hand and get rid of the bad habit.
How not to bite the cheek
you need
  • - rosary beads or coins;
  • - soft toothpaste;
  • - mints, nuts and chewing gum;
  • - soothing charges;
  • - vitamins with magnesium.
try to understand the situations in which you start to bite your cheeks .Perhaps it is when you start to get nervous, or, conversely, bored.Sometimes biting mucosa is closely related to a particular situation - the workshop, lectures, exams, or watching an exciting movie.
find out the reason, try to control themselves in dangerous moments.Permanent self should become a habit.Do not relax.However, do not blame yourself if the first attempt to solve the problem fail.Getting rid of the neurosis - a long process, and the harder you are, the more quickly achieve the result.
Distract yourself from biting cheeks.Buy or short rosary beads, put them on the wrist and a fumble in moments of boredom or excitement.Try to turn the coin in his fingers on the edge or play table silent scale.But do not try to oust their habit another, equally harmful.Do not fumble hair, biting the skin on the lips, and do not try to bite his nails.
Visit the dentist.Perhaps the reason lies in your neurosis problems with oral.Irregularities on the inside of the cheeks, peel the epithelium, painful inflammation - Specialist identify and treat minor injuries, eliminate the cause of a bad habit.
oral care.Use soft toothpaste shown when paradontosis.They do not irritate, and hence the desire to constantly gnaw its decline.In times when you tend to bite the cheek , toss in your mouth a couple of mints or chew gum.You can drink juice or water through tubes, nibbling seeds or nuts.
Calm the nervous system.Experts note that neurosis can arise if the body is experiencing a magnesium deficiency.Buy vitamins with a high proportion of this trace element.Will and valerian tincture or peony, chamomile tea, oregano or mint.
Since the fight against smoking habit, reward for the perseverance and the first results.For example, two days without obkusyvaniya cheeks - a reason for a pleasant surprise.Buy chocolate, lipstick or a new CD.
If the self does not help, consult a neurologist.Perhaps a specialist will reveal a more serious problem with the nervous system and recommend medication.
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