many folk remedies to help treat diabetes or mitigate its manifestations:

1. The crushed leaves of the walnut (1 tbsp. Spoon) pour a glass of boiling water, boil for 20-30 seconds and then insist to cool.Eat constantly strained infusion during the day in small sips.

2. Partitions walnuts for an hour to insist on the water bath, cool, use 1 teaspoon strained infusion three times a day.In the cup of boiling water partition need about 40 nuts.

3. The crushed leaves of bilberry (1 teaspoon per cup of boiling water), leave for 30 minutes, then strain and drink three times a day for 1/3 cup.Contraindicated in severe forms of diabetes.The leaves contain neomertilin, helps to reduce blood sugar levels.

4. Kidney gather lilacs in the spring, when swollen, dry in the shade.A tablespoon of the kidneys to brew liter of boiling water, take 1 tablespoon before eating.

5. Dandelion root (1 tsp) finely chop, boil in a glass of boiling water as a tea for 20 minutes, after cooling strain and drink 3-4 times a day for 1/4 cup.

6. The roots of dandelion and burdock are rich in insulin-like substances, which allows effectively to help treat diabetes .10 g of crushed roots of burdock, boil for 10-15 minutes in a glass of water, insist 30 minutes and take three times a day for 1 tablespoon.Burdock root in this recipe, you can substitute chopped dandelion roots and leaves.

7. red clover (red flowers) and nettle also contain hormone-like substances.Brewed cup of boiling water 5 g of flowers of clover or 7-10 g of nettle leaves, insist 20 minutes and take three times a day for 1 tablespoon.

8. collect birch kidneys during swelling, boil 1.5 tablespoons per cup of boiling water, leave for 6 hours and drink throughout the day.

In addition, adjust the diet to increase the share of plant and dairy products, of course, only the highest quality.Raw plant foods stimulate the pancreas, increasing the production of insulin.