primarily for the successful treatment of adenoids and save them for normal functioning of the immune system of the child is necessary to implement all the recommendations of the attending physician.If your doctor says that treatment is not possible and the disease has gone too far, and offers surgery to remove adenoids, it is necessary to believe and accept.In some cases, treatment is not really going to help.In
all the rest, to the specific recommendations of the doctor, you can use many other methods of treatment.
necessary to strengthen the overall body of the child and his immune system.To do this, you need to properly and fully to feed the child, to spend more time outdoors, apply vitamin complexes on the recommendation of a doctor.Independently prescribe vitamin therapy the child in any case impossible.It may not bring much good as harm.Use without an appointment can only be innocuous folk methods.All other therapy only under the supervision of and on the recommendation of a specialist.
Squeeze the juice from fresh beetroot, add 100 grams of juice one tablespoon of flower honey.All mix thoroughly and bury your nose in a child 4-5 times a day warmed mixture.Bury the need for one month.The mixture was stored in the refrigerator.Many do not do, it has to be always fresh, that is, divorce is not more than three days.
Buy at the pharmacy oil Tui.Bury the morning and evening in each nostril 2-3 drops for one month.
Boil horsetail.After boiling the solution you need to brew for 2-3 hours.Strain and squeeze out the resulting solution.Little child enema wash the baby's nose for two weeks in the morning and evening.
Take equal parts of one tablespoon of mother and stepmother, chamomile, calendula, rose hips.Make an infusion drip 2 drops of pine oil, which is sold in a pharmacy, and wash the baby's nose during one week in the morning and before bedtime.
You can prepare the infusion with a mother and stepmother, oregano, succession and add 2-3 drops of pine oil.Irrigate the nose for one week in the morning and evening.
Prepare an infusion of walnut walls.It is necessary to boil and cool.Irrigate the nose for one to two weeks - twice a day.
can do with any inhaled anti-inflammatory oils through a special inhaler or splashing in the bath oil on the stove.
Squeeze the juice of aloe, honey and add one drop of pine oil.Bury your child's nose to 3 drops 3 times a day for 2-3 weeks.