respect the basic conditions of treatment.During bathing Zalmanova should stop smoking, alcoholic beverages, meat dishes and receiving antibiotics.Starting first bath followed with the addition of a minimum amount of emulsion (20 ml).We need to increase the dosage gradually, with each new session (but not more than 130 ml).Sensitive areas of the body (the genitals, chest, armpits) must be lubricated with fat cream.Spa Zalmanova should take a day or every day (if there sharp pain).
Prepare everything you need.For the bath needs sufficient capacity (200 liters).It is important to provide quick access to hot water, which is necessary to add during the procedure.Tonometer for measuring th
e pressure should be on hand also need a measuring cup, water thermometer, clock and a small mirror."Yellow" and "white" emulsion - binding ingredients for bath Zalmanova."White" emulsion junction opens the capillaries and increases the flow of oxygen to the tissues, and normalizes low blood pressure."Yellow" emulsion (a mixture of turpentine, castor oil and oleic acid) lowers blood pressure, slows the aging process, removes toxins.
Prepare a bath.The water in the bath must not reach the edges (to have a place to add to the water), and its initial temperature must not exceed 36-37oC.Measure out the measuring cups required amount of emulsion and pour it into a large bowl and add the hot water.Stir mixture and pour into the bath, the composition of distributing arms in the water.
Take a bath.Soak entire body except the head.Add hot water every 2 minutes, increasing its temperature by 1oC.Observe the rule - a bath with "white" emulsion should not be hot 39-40oC, with "yellow" - not more than 41-41oC.Check bathing, which on average lasts 15 minutes, is necessary since the advent of sweat on his face.Soak up the body with a towel, put on a dressing gown and lie a couple of hours under a thick blanket.A cup of hot herbal tea will increase sweating and increase the effectiveness of the procedure.Then take a shower.