you need
  • - harness;
  • - cloth;
  • - bandage or gauze;
  • - cold water.
if damaged artery blood ejected with force a pulsating jet of scarlet.It is important in this case to stop the bleeding quickly, since large blood loss can lead to death.To do this, press a little above the artery injury, well, if it is not very deep or near the bones.Quickly stop bleeding from the subclavian, temporal, femoral and radial artery.Click on it with your thumb, sometimes putting one on the other.Before you proceed to stop the blood, arrange the victim so that the wound was on top.That is, if the injured arm or leg, raise the body if the wound on his head - human plant.
If blood bleeding in the leg or arm
, immediately use a tourniquet.He firmly compresses the blood vessels and bleeding begins to stop.Stretch tourniquet and tightly wrap it several times around the damaged part of the body, tie a knot.To the rubber tube does not pinch the skin, impose it over clothes or enclose a gauze bandage.If you did everything correctly, bleeding immediately stopped, and damage the skin around the pale.In this position, you can leave the wounded for no longer than two hours, otherwise it may cause numbness or paralysis of the limbs.If the hand was no harness, you can replace it with a rope, a belt, a towel or a scarf.
If the wound is small and out of the oozing blood, gently apply a clean bandage on top of the bandage or cloth and try not to make unnecessary movements (do not rub the wound and do not push it).Place the victim on a flat surface and lift the part of the body that is bleeding, thereby slowing down the process of blood circulation, and it will stop.Ideally, the dressing is applied as follows: put on the wound tissue that easily absorbs blood, then rolled into a ball and a piece of cloth bandage, but not too tight.If the wound is dirty, gently rinse it with water before applying dressings.
There is a modern method of stopping bleeding - with the help of the maximum bending limbs.Severe limb flexion in the joints (which is located above the wound) and then fixing it in this position belt with a bandage or other material will allow the handrail to squeeze the great vessels and stop bleeding .
Nosebleed can be stopped in the following way: the affected plant and tilt his head forward, unbutton the collar.Moisten a handkerchief or towel with cold water and dab on the nose.Press both halves of the nose to the partition, even if the patient breathe in the mouth for ten minutes, without moving, without blowing his nose and coughing.Help will be more effective if you put in cold water soaked towel to the back of the head and the heart.Blood lodged in the mouth must be spit out, without changing the position of the head.