you need
  • -alcohol;
  • -uksus;
  • -vodka.
With increased body temperature, despite the chill, in any case can not be wrapped up with blankets or warm clothing.Instead, remove the side and a warm blanket to undress one layer of clothing to the body can release heat.
To reduce the temperature wiping aqueous alcohol (vodka fit) or vinegar (a teaspoon per 2 liters of water).The alcohol is diluted about 50 ml per 2 liters of water, vodka - 200 ml.Drink plenty of fluids.
With increased body temperature, avoid receiving these funds, which have diaphoretic action or warm.For example, tea with honey or raspberry is better to postpone the next stage of the disease, when you want to get rid of a cough, runny nose or similar satellites of the disease.
Among offered assortment of drugs is difficult to choose the right, since the average consumer dazzled at the sight of all this abundance.It is advisable still at the first symptoms to contact the experts in the clinic or doctor to call home.Independently antipyretics should be used with great caution.
most common component of antipyretics is paracetamol.It not only helps to reduce the temperature , and relieves pain.However, when using such preparations comply with the established norms of dosage, if consumed too much, it can lead to very adverse consequences.
There are tools which, along with antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effects have.Always read the annotation to the drug before it is to use!If it is written in the language difficult for you, ask someone familiar with the pharmacy to explain its meaning to you.It is about your health.So do not hesitate to ask questions regarding the specialist to buy medicines at the pharmacy.
If high temperature can not bring down on their own within two to three hours, immediately contact a doctor or an ambulance.During normal symptoms of seasonal diseases can hide serious problems, which will help solve the timely access to specialists.