Unfortunately, pancreatic disease is not rare, and sooner or later people are faced with it.Of course, prevention is much easier and more enjoyable than her treatment, but it has happened that a lifestyle that led modern humans, does not contribute to prevention: it is low-quality food products that contain carcinogens and other chemicals, nerves, smoking, frequent usealcohol.

All of these factors can not be beneficial to the human health and leads to such diseases as pancreatitis.It is in both acute and chronic form, but also in one or the other form must treat pancreas.After starting the disease in the future this may lead to serious consequences, including cancer.

But be optimistic and focus on the good: all correctable.Previously, it was thought that the pancre

as should be treated by hunger and cold.But this is not true.Of course, in the acute form, it is desirable to starve the day, but later your food should be fractional and frequent.

There is a special diet for pancreas that helps you in her recovery:

  • lean meat;

  • fish;

  • vegetable broth.

But this does not mean that after sitting on this diet for two weeks, then you can get bogged down and pounce on meats, fried and spicy.No, pancreatitis requires a certain way of life, and you have to abide by it, or possible relapse.

Do not forget Grandma's and folk remedies, such as herbal teas made from wormwood, oats.They help your sick body to function well.We can not say a couple of words about pharmaceuticals: certainly when you have severe pain (namely those characterized by acute pancreatitis) may use certain drugs such as painkillers.But to treat the pancreas, as well as many other organs only drugs bought in pharmacies is not necessary that manufacturers may say, and it's chemistry, and it can not be useful to your body.So first of all give up completely or partially of bad habits, and gradually come to a healthy lifestyle.It's - the guarantee of health and success.