Since memory often deteriorates with the overall decrease in vitality, fatigue, stress, some medications may help restorative and soothing effect.Traditional medicine (including Eastern) since ancient times used a variety of teas, tinctures.For example, of Chinese magnolia vine.This is a very useful plant, which has an entire "bouquet" of healing properties.
well can help in such cases, chokeberry (aronia).There are a number of other medicinal plants.But still advisa
ble to consult a doctor, because plant-based drugs have usually "soft" action, they still have contraindications.
If memory deteriorated as a result of serious illness (up to such terrible as Alzheimer's), the herbal medicines are ineffective.There need potent drugs funds.Alas, most of them along with high efficiency, they have a number of serious contraindications and incorrect techniques can dramatically worsen the patient's condition.Therefore, to prescribe such drugs, and monitor the progress of treatment should be an experienced, highly qualified doctors.Self here is absolutely unacceptable!
And how to treat the heavily advertised "miracle means" that promises fast and reliable relief from bad memory?Alas, just as advertising.Because they are composed of only amino acids, vitamins and minerals.For a stimulating effect on the brain, they certainly will, but with the same success it was possible to organize daily routine and introduce into your diet more vegetables, fruits and herbs.Therefore, if you do not mind the money, you can buy and take such "miracle supplement" harm, they just will not do.But the benefits will be dubious.