you need
  • - water,
  • - bucket,
  • - shower.
need to pour cold water on the whole body at once.Effects on the body should be brief, no more than 3 seconds.A similar effect can be achieved if the dive into the water with the head or pour the bucket of water.Many people prefer to be tempered in the shower, but this approach is not entirely correct.The fact that in this case the water jets rolled.Reaching legs, they have time to warm up, and the body cools unevenly.
Before hardening it is necessary to warm up the body.Better with moderate exercise.In addition, after pouring can not be wiped.Intensive movement will help to dry in a warm room.So you train the body to the har
dening, and the next time the body would react calmly to this procedure.Otherwise, you may experience back pain and hip joints.The skin will lose moisture and become too dry.
Not everyone can just get used to this procedure.In this case, first, the need to pour a bucket of warm water and then cold.If difficult to start with a bucket, use a shower.
Heat the body with exercise, then stand under the shower and pour over the body first with hot water, then warm, cool, and finally cold.Thus, the lack of initial aggressive attitude will allow the body to easily move to a lower temperature.When this happens, you can switch pouring from a bucket.
known that pathogenic cold water and energy are the polar energies.When they are joined, and the neutralization of the other energy.There comes a freedom from disease.
Quick effect can be achieved if the douche does not exceed seven degrees.It should first pour a bucket of warm water, then cold.The warm water affects integument, a cold rinse with warm water.
hardening procedure should not last more than two minutes, or instead activate the functions of the body they can weaken and even paralyze.Tempered right!