Form sustained negative image of alcohol consumption , and, most importantly, its consequences.For example, "My addiction is destroying my health, memory," "I am very ill the next day after drinking, I'm sick, shaking, long time can not continue, I am afraid that the end will be terrible."Or "alcohol deprives me of money, love of children, respect at work", "awful smell from me when I drink, especially during the binge," etc.Repeat these phrases to myself every day.
seeking to acquire full knowledge of the impact of alcohol on the human body.Read, listen, watch.Soak it all.For examp
le, many alcoholics makes a very vivid impression of the information that even a one-time use of alcohol in small quantities irrevocably destroys thousands of neurons - brain cells.Changes radically the structure of the genetic code of DNA, storing information about us and our future children.And any dose of alcohol on the liver falls like an avalanche, the body undergoes a lot of stress as a result of which it appeared scars - in fact, dead sections, and all liver cells begin to deteriorate steadily.Truthful and complete information about the dangers of alcohol adequate person helps renounce libations.
You should see a powerful motivator that encourages you to refuse alcohol .For example, the retention of a loved one, the birth of healthy children, a career, which does not interfere, except for alcohol dependence.And - surprise everyone with their sporting achievements, to save money to buy of what you've always wanted - a car, a summer residence, new apartment, travel, etc.
firmly refuse residence in the companies in which the "right" to drink - out of respect for the company, with the hero of the day for peace in the world ... If you do not have the guts to just call the cause of failure ("Giving up drinking"), invent various excuses - unwell, urgently need to leave the child no one to leave, we must sit with my mother, and so on as appropriate.
If you refuse to visit the event, which is supposed to use alcohol , does not work, secretly pour into a glass of mineral water, juice, lemonade.If someone noticed and started complaining, tell softly (and yes, you can loudly, but without going into details) that you are being treated with antibiotics, and thus totally forbidden to drink.The reasons can be many nasochinyat, you know better - which will be believed.
Get rid of stocks alcohol in the house.Even if you are a hospitable host, and your home is always stashed booze (maybe its preparation - liqueurs, brandy, brew, brew), say goodbye to her.This also applies to beer in the refrigerator, sometimes sip of beer is ruining the results of many months of work.Temptation is not expected.
If you have a car, try to ride it everywhere.Even the guests and holidays.The phrase "I'm driving" in our time is not neglect, even the most annoying people, adhering to the proposal to have a drink, usually listen to it and behind.
not ignore traditional methods.Herbal Medicine has not been canceled.It has long been treated drinking thyme, ungulates, moss-Barantsov, centaury.This powerful herb, it is necessary to use caution.Their use is possible only with the voluntary consent to the drinker.Better if it will be engaged in a real healer.The most radical means considered a decoction of grass-moss Baranez.Take 40 g of grass is boiled in 1 liter of water at low temperature for 15 minutes.Offer an alcoholic drink for 2 tablespoons.spoon every hour until vomiting.You can give at this moment to smell alcohol, holding under his nose.Attention!- The grass is poisonous, the excess dose possible.