important before planning pregnancy undergo a medical examination and treat all diseases.If an unplanned pregnancy immediately after its establishment surveyed and observed at the gynecologist.During the entire period of gestation of the child promptly pass all scheduled ultrasound.
without consulting a doctor and do not take any not take any medications, including vitamins.
Try to give up bad habits, eat a full and balanced.
Treat carefully to any physical activity.Moderate and engage in sports without strain.Do not lift - it can trigger uterine tone.
Try to avoid stress, it is a pity that it is almost impossible.To be ho
nest, almost all pregnant women experience depression and stress.But if by the close people coming adequate support, then regardless of the timing of pregnancy the baby is not in danger.
It is believed that if the pregnancy proceeds normally, then sex can be almost up to the birth.However, some doctors even in normal pregnancy prohibit such relationships, but their actions are not always justified, because sex is a natural part of a woman's life.
However, if your previous attempts to make a baby ended of miscarriage or had a place to be a threat to abortion in the first trimester to completely eliminate sex.If doctors forbid intimate relations, then perhaps they are afraid that the tone of the uterus come in the moment of orgasm, which may lead to premature birth.
No one except you can not take care of your health.Stick to the recommendations, which gives your gynecologist, then it's over quite well.