The most common treatments are inhalation, rinse and lubricate the throat, and for these procedures can be employed the same means.Traditional medicine offers many recipes using which you can cure throat .For preparation of decoctions and infusions using herbs that have anti-inflammatory, expectorant and emollient properties: calendula, sage, chamomile, peppermint, mother and stepmother, and others.
Infusions of the plant used for inhalations, conducted every day up to 5 times during the day.100 g of tincture is mixed with 0.5 liters of hot water.You can breathe on the kettle, by inserting it in a paper funnel spout or over a pan, covered with a blanket.It is necessary to regulate the temperature of the infusion, to receive from the
inhalation of pleasant sensations.Otherwise there is a danger of burning of the throat.Duration of treatment should be between 6 to 10 minutes.Also, the positive effect is given inhalation using pine buds, brewed in boiling water.
for gargling cook collection of several herbs such as chamomile flowers and root Calamus, or calendula, linden flowers and sage and others. In herbal medicine widely used propolis tincture 30%, diluted with warmWater (30 drops to a glass of water).Enough effective as rinsing with essential oils have healing properties.Gargle several times a day.Every day prepare fresh infusion.
the treatment of pharyngitis and lubricate the throat liquid honey, warmed essential oils, etc.
fairly well-known folk remedy is also warm beer that drink small sips before going to bed, then wrapped in a blanket.In addition, crushed garlic, mix with honey and eat 1 teaspoon during the day.