However, this does not mean that walking on his hands, you do not come out.To learn the complex skills necessary to not a lot of space, a lot of desire and perseverance sea.It will help athletic skills and abilities.Untrained person with a weak tone and muscular, it will be difficult to cope with this task.

order to learn to stand on their hands you need to pump up his arms and back.Otherwise, damage to the back and did not last long.Here help dumbbells, barbells, exercise equipment, and horizontal bars.Everyone is free to choose the appropriate option for him.

Step One.Before the start of classes always perform warm up and heat the muscles of the arms and back.At first classes were held at the wall.Become a face to the wall at a distance of a little less than a meter.Comfortably away at everyone and then the whole thing in your personal feelings

.Then place your hands on the floor shoulder-width apart.Palm becomes a straight or slightly oblique.The main thing do not remove much can damage the brush.Transfer your weight on your hands, push hands and throws his feet on the wall.Your task is to rest against a wall and your feet feel the weight on your hands.

Step Two.You already know how much weight your body now, when you shower your feet on the wall, try to catch his balance.Without balance, learn to stand on his hands is not possible.To make it easier to tear the legs off the wall and catch the balance, reduce the initial distance from the wall to its original position.

Step Three.Standing on his hands leaning on a wall, try to completely break away from the support and keep on hand only.You will be much easier if you divorce legs wider and sognёte their knees.This will keep in the air.

Step Three.Begin prodelyvat the same movement as that of the wall, only without her.Start gently and go slowly.Confidently get your hands on the gradual withdrawal of feet up.Catch balance - change the position of the legs and this will help you.

What is to be feared.The main thing is not afraid to fall and believe that you hold.Fear is the main obstacle on your way.While posture upside down will not be familiar to you, do not try without support.The danger is falling to his knees, so you always get to his feet.In addition, make sure that your hands are dry.Otherwise, you can slip.

Fight your fears, overcome their own record and everything will turn out.