order to cure it, you should always consult a doctor.He examined the child, will review his diet, diet parents prescribe delivery of the analysis (it will need to identify the ingredient that causes an allergic reaction).However, parents of very young children rely on the results of such studies are not necessary, they often do not reveal the reasons.
The treatment itself is quite simple: you just have to avoid foods that cause allergic .To do this, you must make a special hypoallergenic diet (ie, excludes not only the products that have caused allergies, but also those that may be potentially dangerous).Among such known allergenic foods i
nclude eggs, cow's milk, chocolate (cocoa), mushrooms, nuts, honey, fruits, vegetables, red and orange colors, the fish (and other seafood).All that you need to completely remove from the diet of children aged one to two years.
way, fight allergies, you can and with the help of other simple guidelines.Firstly, note that after the heat treatment products are already less allergenic (the fact that there is a partial destruction of the protein).Second, eat a variety of smaller cans (including pets), because they contain large amounts of salt, sugar and vinegar;especially do not let their small children.Also, keep an eye not only for the fact that it eats the child, but also how often he does it.Power must also be uniform, it must be complete and balanced.All potentially hazardous foods can be replaced by hypoallergenic, but containing no less nutrients and minerals.