How to raise stronggemoglobin / strong "class =" colorbox imagefield imagefield-imagelink "rel =" gallery-step-images "& gt; To improve hemoglobin and body, to prevent the development of iron deficiency anemia (and if it is already there, then eliminate it), in the first place, pay attention to your diet. It is best to absorb iron from the protein of meat, especially beef. Try to eat more meat, liver, fish. Asgarnish them eat vegetables: meat products increases the absorption of iron from vegetables.
contains iron and buckwheat. Just do not eat it with milk, because it inhibits the absorption of iron,
which is contained in the rump.
include in your diet peas, rice, parsley, spinach, prunes, dried apricots, raisins.These products contain the maximum amount of iron.
In addition, make sure that on your desk there was enough fruit.Especially useful varieties Antonovka apples, black currant and lemon, ieanything that contains vitamin C.
cure iron-deficiency anemia is only through proper diet does not work, so be sure to consult a specialist.Doctor will prescribe medications that contain iron.Typically, they, besides iron contains vitamins and vitamin C. These substances help to properly absorb the iron in the human body.The dose of iron supplements Dr. select individually.Usually the treatment lasts 3-4 weeks and gives good results.Upon completion of the course make controlling blood test.