Tip 1: How to cure a hernia disc

herniated disc - the most serious manifestation of osteochondrosis, which is the degenerative changes of the spine.It represents a shift of strain disk .In this disease a person can lose efficiency and even get a disability.
you need
  • - bed rest;
  • - a course of injections;
  • - hood;
  • - acupuncture;
  • - corset;
  • - massage.
hernia falls to one side and compresses a nerve, causing inflammation and swelling occur.Pain due to nerve entrapment appears in different parts of the leg, moreover, possible weakness and feeling of numbness and decreased sensation.
The disease manifests itself in different circumstances.Usually attack occurs after weight lifting, physical overexertion, awkward position behind a desk, long-term presence in the car, etc.Also, a sharp pain can combat suddenly and worsen at the slightest movement.
If you are faced with this disease, do not panic.Despite the fact that the process of treatment and recovery will be difficult not immediately possible
to cope with an illness.
First of all you need complete rest and, if possible, stay in bed.However, you need to lie down with their feet.This will help alleviate your condition.Place a large pillow under your feet or roller.
to reduce inflammation, swelling and pain, and require anti-inflammatory analgesic drugs.Doctors usually prescribe injections of these drugs.After a course of injections in some cases may be prescribed suppositories or tablets.
effective methods of treating disc herniation and relieve pain for a long time is the hood of the spine.Due to draw between the vertebrae creates a pressure drop and a hernia as it is absorbed.If the procedure is carried out by qualified specialist, the patient's condition improves.
In some cases, the doctor prescribes acupuncture and massage sessions.However, during the exacerbation of the back massage to be very careful so as not to aggravate the condition of the patient.In addition, it is recommended to wear a support corset.
In extreme cases, if the conservative treatment does not work, resorted to surgery.
There are popular treatments herniated diskov.Vam need fir oil, honey, mummy and Potentilla.First, cook the ointment.Dissolve 100 g of honey 1 tablet mummy.Apply to the affected area fir oil, then the ointment.Within 5 minutes, massage the back pat palms.After the massage cream rinse and brush clean, dry skin with tincture of cinquefoil.Then wrap back.The infusion of cinquefoil can also be taken orally.Dissolve 1 teaspoon in a little water and drink 3 times a day before meals.The course of treatment by this method is 30 days.
Chop the fresh leaves of Kalanchoe.The resulting slurry was put on the back, secure the bandage and plaster and leave overnight.The course consists of 14 procedures.

Tip 2: How to treat a hernia back

essence hernia back that like any other type of hernia, there is thinning of the shell of an intervertebral disc, the contents of which protrudes out into the cavityspinal column.The resulting hernia presses on the nerves, resulting in an unbearable pain.
How to treat a hernia back
At first the pain of a herniated disc occurs only after heavy physical exertion.If the hernia is not treated, then after a while even a slight turn of the body will be accompanied by significant pain.People suffering from this disease, there is a slowing of nerve impulses, resulting in disruption of the sensitivity of the limbs and disorders of the skin.
the initial stages of an intervertebral hernia can bring relief prone position with their feet.In this position, there is a relaxation of the muscles and ligaments.Usually, the doctor prescribes bed rest for a few months, together with the patient must take painkillers.
In some cases, the treatment of hernia back resort to stretching the spine.In this procedure, an intervertebral disk has the ability to return to place.This method is quite old and proven, it refers to the technique of manual therapy.If the procedure for drawing performs a professional, then you can feel instant pain relief.
If medication and manual treatment fails, resort to surgery.Under local or general anesthesia the patient make a few punctures and remove strangulated drive.After surgery, the vertebrae are fused together easily.Of course, at first movements are somewhat limited.The rehabilitation period is usually 3-4 months.
To prevent the formation of an intervertebral hernia , you must follow the bearing, is no slouch, do not stay too long in one position.Frequent change of posture allows the spinal discs periodically relax.Also, do not neglect the exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back , in fact they are able to support the spine in a healthy condition.
Such diagnosis is hernia of the back, it is the most serious complication of spinal osteochondrosis.In addition to severe pain, it is often accompanied by paresis (obessilivaniem motor function) or complete paralysis of the muscles of the legs, disturbances in the internal organs.
Helpful Hint
These methods allow us to determine the exact location of hernia, its size and the ratio of the spinal cord and nerves.The treatment of intervertebral hernia complex and depends on the stage of disease and presence of complications.Back pain with a herniated disc in most cases eliminate drugs with analgesic and anti-inflammatory action.
In carrying out complex methods of treating a disease recedes in 2-3 months.
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