corns - a horny layer of the skin on the soles of the feet.When walking, a man with calluses may experience pain and a burning sensation.The cause of corns is uncomfortable shoes and lack of foot care.This disease is most common in women, which is associated with wearing shoes with high heels and not stable platforms.The risk of corns are people with congenital deformities of the feet, rheumatoid arthritis, nervous disorders affecting the legs.Corns can occur even in young children, which again is associated with wearing uncomfortable shoes.

Getting rid of corns?Please be aware that if the corns have emerged, that alone will not be able to heal them.It is necessary to see a specialist in order to clarify the cause.At the tim

e of treatment will have to abandon the fashionable but uncomfortable shoes and go to the soft-resistant model.Also during this period should pay special attention to diet.It must contain a sufficient amount of nutrients and vitamins, especially vitamin A, E. When necessary, you can take a multivitamin.

At home, you can soften corns hot tub with sea salt and liquid soap or mustard.Steamed corns should be gently but thoroughly rubbed with pumice.

You can moisten the cotton thin socks with vegetable oil, then put them on, wrap a plastic bag of his legs, and add on top of thick woolen socks.This compress should be kept on his feet until the morning.In the morning softened corns can be easily removed with a pumice stone or nail file.

From folk remedies can treat corns leaves of aloe, raw onion, lemon zest, tomato puree, bread crumbs.

The modern methods of treatment can be mentioned on a special patch from corns.Just remove corns can be in a beauty salon, pedicure using.

best to consult with a specialist about how to get rid of corns.The doctor is required to prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs may advise to buy a special orthopedic pads in the shoes to help protect your feet from corns reappearance.In some severe cases may require surgery.