you need
  • Buckthorn, field horsetail, rosemary, cudweed, motherwort, viburnum, walnut leaves.
If you belong to the group, which exchange process occurs sparingly, you should adjust the diet.Nutritionists advise eating no less than 4 times a day.Meals should be small portions.
sports.The more you spend energy to exercise, the more muscle growth.Namely, they are those catalysts which actively help to burn fat.
Practice douche.It is a kind of thermal massage.In addition to stimulation of blood circulation, such as water treatment will help your skin become smoother.
Sleep at least 8 hours a day.Deep sleep affects metabolism, pr
omoting generating growth hormone.
During washing, rub the whole body rigid mitten, dipped in a solution of edible salt.To prepare the solution for one tablespoon of salt and vinegar, dilute 9% in two liters of water.
Quite often, slowing metabolism due to the decrease of the thyroid gland.And it depends on the level of iodine.Add to your diet laminaria or drugs containing iodine.
This problem has also affected the traditional medicine.Use this recipe.Glass of brew boiling water 2 teaspoons of walnut leaves.Insist hour.Take the infusion should be at half a glass before meals 4 times per day.
Fruits red viburnum in the amount of one tablespoon in a glass of brew boiling water.Insist about 2 hours.Take twice a day for half a glass.
Crush 20 - 30 g root field harrow.Pour a liter of water and simmer until until the third part of the broth evaporate.Strain and drink half a cup half an hour before meals.3 times throughout the day.
Mix 1 part buckthorn bark and horsetail.Add the rosemary and 2 of the 3 parts cottonweed and herbs Leonurus.Mix collection and 2 tablespoons brew half a liter of boiling water.Hold on low heat for 10 minutes.Do not let the broth boil.Then, leave for half an hour in a warm place and strain.Take 3 times a day for a third cup before eating.