main causes of fear

reasons, because of which people experience fear, endless.It all depends on the person, his suggestibility, willpower, and other traits.Among the most basic can be identified, because of which we have to fight fear.It is the fear of danger (both real and current, and is present only in the imagination), fear of uncertainty and fear of the dialogue with himself.Each of these fears is a kind of protective force of the organism, but can lead to irreparable consequences.

fear of danger is a normal innate reaction to external situations that could end in tears for him.It may manifest as a fear of fire, water, confined space, etc.In some cases, there is already after the trauma associated

with such hazards.If they are real, it justifies itself and helps to prevent the possible consequences.However, unfounded fears damaging to the psyche.Therefore, you should clearly understand the difference between fear and phobia.

fear of uncertainty has another, purely artificial nature.It is associated with the uncertainty of the individual and does not have a function to protect it.The same applies to fear of internal dialogue.It is caused by a sense of guilt, the presence of any complexes and most of them are baseless and lead to devastating consequences, because prevents a person to move forward.

Several ways to stop being afraid

There is a lot of advice about how to stop being afraid.Among the options offered by psychologists can meet a lot of interesting and controversial.

  1. For example, you can try to draw a cause of fear.And so that she appeared in a ridiculous, absurd world.Pictures hung in the surrounding area so that they always catch the eye.As a result, laughing at their fears, you are forcing them to lose power over you.

  2. Another way is to use a special smell (aroma components).For example, a few drops of lemon or peppermint oil applied to a scarf, will allow you to relax and feel much more confident.Also suitable for this purpose and sandalwood oil.

  3. Another way - overcoming fear in the mind.Try to imagine a situation where you are afraid, and go through it.Experience all that is possible, experiencing it.The first time it can be difficult.But somewhere inside you realize that it's not really.Let this awareness will be saving straw that can guide you on the edge of fear.A weathered fear is not so terrible.

  4. But the most effective and at the same time the most difficult way - to meet with his fear face to face.You must do what you so afraid of, overcoming his own excitement, turning it into a drive.And then you are surprised to find that courage - is nothing more than how to curb the fear.