diagnose the disease may be a medical expert, based on the results of gynecological examination and medical history of the patient.When determining the cause, the doctor clarifies many details that relate not only to childhood and education, but also past sexual experiences, attitudes to sex.For a complete picture of the nature and may require a description of pain during sexual intercourse.
Treatment vaginismus should pass comprehensively.For this purpose, psychotherapy sessions that address the underlying conflicts and form a positive attitude in the patient to
sex.Of great importance in the successful treatment of vaginismus has the participation and support of a partner.It was with him a woman should do the exercises and learn to enjoy sex, not fear.
doctor should explain the whole nature of both partners involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles, and in the process of inspection of the genital organs of women demonstrates the process in the presence of a partner.The inspection must be prepared in such a way that the woman was able to watch herself in the mirror for a while.Your doctor will tell some of the techniques that can help relax the muscles of the vagina.
first step is to learn to control genital muscles.First potuzhtes, then relax and retract a vaginal muscles.This exercise will improve the sensitivity and the blood supply to the genitals.
During the next exercise a woman should enter the finger into the vagina and making it a variety of movement, rotate, bend, and move it from side to side.But in many cases very difficult for women to do this exercise, as fears hurt yourself, and a new spasm.If you can safely perform this exercise, the success of certain guaranteed.
attempt to introduce the penis in a pose rider.A woman should feel and can easily take the posture in which the penis does not rest against the wall, and the administration will be carried out along the axis of the vagina.This exercise should be prodelyvat only after repeated sexual fondling and previous training.