Pregnancy at a young age -18-20 years old, from the point of view of physiology, is a natural process of the body and flows easily enough.In addition to these data the female body, usually not more attenuated various unfavorable factors such as smoking, alcohol, numerous stresses, etc.By the 18th anniversary of the young woman does not have time to get and a number of chronic diseases, such a trend is planned for 30-35 years.But this - in terms of physiology.

Psychologists say that in 18-20 years, many young mothers, as well as their peers, fathers are not ready for a new social role.Why so often the case, when the rearing of young parents involved grandparents.Also, many marriages soon after the
age of majority, alas, fall - infantilism affects young couple.

If you listen to the advice of people, seasoned experiences, most of them reduced to fears for the young family with a child in connection with their shaky financial situation.After all, very few young people have their own apartment and a stable job with a good salary at that age.It turns out that the young family will perforce depend on the parents that, as a rule, to anything good does not.

But despite the quite prosperous physician's assessment in relation to pregnancy in 18-20 years, most of them still believe that the best age for a first birth is 21-26 years.At this age, all systems of the body was finally formed and sent to perform fertility.Serious health problems women still tend to amass do not have time, and they are psychologically prepared for the development of the new role.Income spouses in a given period, in most cases, already allow them to seriously think about posterity.

However, many Russian women today are in no hurry to have children up to 30 years, like the European ladies, making a career or arguing a situation no less serious reasons.Modern medicine does not see any serious obstacles to the birth of the first child and 30, and 35 years later in life.

However, you must realize that every year, especially after 35 years, increasing the risk of complications for you and for the unborn child.Firstly, the health of 35-year-old woman, as a rule, different from that of 25 years and increases the likelihood of complications during pregnancy and childbirth;also increases the risk of Down's syndrome;3 times grows the likelihood of breast cancer in women who gave birth to first child after age 30, etc.And according to psychologists, parents of a child under the age often have a variety of psychological complexes and more difficult to find common ground with others.

However, if you're over 30 and you are just planning to give birth to first child, do not despair.It is likely that you will be all right and your child will be born healthy, most importantly - the belief in a better and positive attitude.