Inflammation of the auditory tube
This type of inflammation occurs, usually during a cold or runny nose.Also, the reason may be due to nasal septum deviation, with polyps or sinusitis.If you have any suspicion of an inflammation of the auditory tube, be sure to consult a specialist.It is an occupational therapist will be able to correctly diagnose and prescribe the necessary treatment.
Sensorineural hearing loss
This problem may occur due to insufficient blood flow to the auditory nerve, since his injury.As a result, a person begins to hear the bad.The reasons for this display: the after effects of brain injury, isc
hemic brain disease, hypertension.If you have a cold or runny nose are often pawns ears - do not take chances, make an audiogram.It is this procedure will help you identify changes in hearing.
Borne otitis
Very often shifting in childhood otitis media, on the eardrum can stay adhesions.It is their presence restrict the movement of the membrane, thereby causing a feeling of stuffiness in the ears.Remember to remove the cause of the problem can only be a specialist.Therefore, immediately contact your doctor.
change in atmospheric pressure
fact that the pressure (in an elevator, airplane) in the middle ear occurs with some delay, which temporarily reduces the ability of sounds.To remedy this discomfort, you must open the Eustachian tube through normal swallowing movements.
If bathing in the auditory tube is exposed to water, gently clean the ear with a cotton swab and take some swallowing movements.
In case of blockage ear canal foreign body or sulfuric stopper sure to consult an audiologist.An occupational therapist will you wash procedure ear and prescribe a particular course of treatment.