The most common neck pain occurs because of inflammation or spasm in the muscles of the neck.The pain may be the result of degenerative changes in the cervical spine, which are associated with long-term loads on the hands and neck.Also, the reason may be injuries, sprains, long stay in the wrong position, sleeping on an uncomfortable pillow. Neck can get sick from exposure to the cold air flow, such as from the fan konditsionera.Izbavitsya pain can eliminate the cause.Give up bad habits, do exercises for the neck.In acute episodes of pain, use proven tips.As soon as you feel the pain, apply ice wrapped in a towel, hold for half an hour.When the ice will remove the main inflammation mayhem neck.Start with a warm heating pad an
d finish hot shower.After this procedure, avoid hypothermia.You can also do chafe, but not at the same time with heaters.It is advisable to take aspirin or other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, carefully read the dosage.Well it helps set of exercises.Slowly tilt your head forward, then back.Fixedly holding arms, tilt head first to one and then to the other shoulder.Put your hand on the side of the head and the other hand gently push towards the first.Keep in this position for five seconds, then relax.Repeat three times with one and with the other hand.Do this same exercise, but bending his head forward, putting her hands, lying on the forehead, a slight tilt of the head resistance.Holding hands at the back, to resist tilt the head back.Put your hands down, take a load to two kilograms, and then lift the shoulders, like a shrug them.This complex of simple exercises to help strengthen and relieve the pain from the neck muscles.