you need
  • - an extract from history;
  • - medical card with all the advice of the doctors specialized professions;
  • - medical examination;
  • - conclusion of the trade union committee;
  • - Finally, health and safety inspectors;
  • - an act of commission on working conditions and nature of work.
Set occupational disease are entitled to only marginal pathological professional medical institutions, and disability has arisen as a result of negative factors - medical-social commission.And the one and the other a commission you have to get a referral to the clinic at the plac
e of residence or place of work.
Contact your local doctor.If you regularly seek medical help, the doctor informed of your condition and medical file, located in the hospital, details all kinds of your disease, the timing of treatment in hospital and the time spent on a piece of disability.If you were in the hospital, take an extract from the medical history, a certified chief physician of medical institution.
local doctor referral for all the necessary tests, fill a medical card, describe your medical history, the nature of work and working environment with your words.The appropriate boxes must put their narrow specialists conclude all relevant specialties.
If the doctor thinks that the nature of your illness fits into the list drawn up in which a disability, you will be discharged in the direction of the medical and social expert commission.If the disease is stable, but does not cause partial or total loss of working capacity, then you will be directed to the regional institution for occupational pathology examination.
You may be asked to present the conclusion of the trade union organization of employment, health and safety inspectors, the act of commission on the conditions and nature of work.On the basis of the certificates, reports and documents of the committee members will decide your disease is a professional or not.
If you make a decision that a violation of health caused by occupational or special conditions, then you will have a number of benefits laid in the presence of occupational diseases.About all the benefits, see the related links.