Consultation surgeon necessary when abdominal pain, swelling and the presence of ulcers, burns and bedsores, foreign bodies of the skin, joint diseases and breast cancer.In addition, professional help may be required for application of plaster, dressing changes or urinary catheter, wound closure and removal of sutures, etc.Call a physician can be both from the public and from the commercial clinics.
Call home surgeon of municipal clinics can only people with disabilities and the elderly, that is,that category of people who can not physically get to see a doctor in a medical institution.Call the clinic registry to serve you and make an appointment for a consultation the doctor on the house .Do not forget to describe the problem in d
etail, so that the surgeon visited you with all the necessary tools and materials.
If you do not belong to the category of people expressed above, aid surgeon on home can be provided only on a commercial basis.Most general hospitals offering such a service.In addition, an experienced physician can be found in private clinics.Call the selected medical institution, brief description of the problem and indicate a convenient time for you to visit a surgeon .In most cases, consultation is held on the day of application or the next day.
In some cases waiting surgeon from the hospital or private medical center can cost the patient lives.These are serious injuries, accompanied by heavy bleeding, extensive burns or acute abdominal pain.In this situation, consultation and treatment must be carried out immediately.Call an ambulance.Experienced specialists will conduct inspection appreciate the seriousness of the situation and, if necessary, you are hospitalized.