you need
  • - cabbage leaf
  • - honey
  • - mustard
  • - celery
  • - Potentilla marsh
main objective of folk remedies for treating arthritisIt is the removal of inflammation.To do this is very well suited cabbage.Cabbage leaf incised with a knife, then slightly warmed, smeared with honey, and applied to the sore spot.The sheet should be well attached, shook his top cellophane and wrap a warm scarf or a scarf.Such a compress is desirable to leave at night.If the disease is not passed in the chronic form, it will be quite a few procedures to remove the inflammatory process.
treat arthritis folk means you can use mustard.Patients joints need warmth, so it is useful from time to time used in the treatment of mustard poultice.
There are plants whose juice also helps
to reduce inflammation.Inflexible joints say that there is a shortage in the body of sodium.But celery in it very much, so it is taken orally in the joints of patients.Drink the juice three times a day, taking 2 teaspoons.Another option is to receive an infusion of celery.Two cups of boiling water pour one tablespoon celery root, infused for four hours, and take half an hour before eating a tablespoon three times a day.
treat arthritis folk means help recipe, the main component of which is Potentilla marsh.By means of this plant can be derived from the salt body and reduce inflammation of the joints.To be treated using infusion of cinquefoil, it is necessary during the year, taking breaks after each course.Tincture prepares as follows: grind 100 g of dried cinquefoil and fill it with a liter of vodka, insist 21 days.Take the solution, spreading a tablespoon of infusion in 50 ml of water.Need to drink before meals up to 3 times a day.You can also rub the aching joints infusion of cinquefoil.