Tip 1: How to determine the day of conception

Women unlike men are ready to reproduce only 4% over a lifetime.That is, the average is two or three days per month, starting from 11-15 years before menopause.Basically conceived baby occurs during ovulation - the time when the mature egg from the ovary at the output ready for insemination.In addition, the pregnant woman can, and for a couple of days before ovulation.
you need
  • To do this, you need to watch your body for at least two or three months.Usually ovulation is determined by measuring the basal body temperature.So please be patient, as well as a thermometer, a notebook and pen to mark your changes.
Measure the temperature should be in the morning, even without getting out of bed.The thermometer should be placed in the mouth, under the tongue or in the rectum.Better to use a quartz thermometer, as the mercury can be unsafe.Note that it is necessary to change the temperature in the same way and preferably at the same time.
Check your body temperature in a notebook
.One can construct an arbitrary graph and watch the races on it.

ovulation period can be found on a spike that occurs immediately after it.On the day of ovulation body temperature is reduced to about one or two tenths of a degree, and then rises sharply at least two tenths of a degree.Usually it is held at this level before menstruation.
Schedule should look like this
Take measurements every day.This will help you avoid unplanned pregnancy, as well as the long-awaited baby to conceive without the help of expensive tests.

Tip 2: How to determine the first day cycle

menstrual cycle - a physiological process, during which a woman's body is changing, showing her reproductive health.To judge the regularity cycle , you must be able to determine day it began.
How to determine the first day of the cycle
all the changes taking place in the female body during the menstrual cycle , aimed at creating conditions for conception.In the first phase the follicle maturation, break its walls and release ready to fertilize the egg.In the second - on the site of the ruptured follicle forms a "yellow body" to produce progesterone - the hormone needed to maintain pregnancy.Under its influence there is a thickening of the uterine lining (endometrium) so that it becomes possible attachment of a fertilized egg.
matter of conception or not, you need to know when was the start of a cycle .If the pregnancy, her term will be counted from that day.If conception was not knowing the early days of the two cycles, we can calculate the gap therebetween.Normally it is between 21 to 35 days.Healthy woman menstrual cycle length is about the same, the deviation may be no more than 3-4 days in a higher or lower.
external manifestation of the beginning of a new cycle are bleeding from the vagina - menstruation.The day that begins profuse bleeding is the first day cycle .In some gynecological diseases such as endometriosis, menstruation is preceded by spotting.It may take a few days before the start of the bleeding.This period relates to a new cycle.Moreover, this is the reason for seeking medical attention.
With regular cycle, you can easily calculate the date of the next menstrual period.Just count from the first day of heavy bleeding number of days equal to the length of your cycle .Expect the following month in the resulting need day (+/- three days).
  • first day of the cycle is when
small temperature jumps can be throughout the whole cycle.However, only after ovulation occurred, the temperature rises considerably for a prolonged period.If you have a few months did not notice significant changes in temperature, it is a chance to see a doctor.
Helpful Hint
In addition, many women during ovulation occurs a transparent allocation of mucus and swelling of the breasts.Some women complain of lower abdominal pain.
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