All mothers in general are divided into three groups:

  • those who believe that you need to feed as long as there is a desire to have a child;

  • those before the birth of the baby clearly know the period when the baby taken away from the breast (because the breast droop because tired, because I want to lose weight, etc.);

  • those who have to do it not for reasons beyond their control (the state of the mother or baby, you want to stop breastfeeding, access to work, etc.).

But no matter how serious the reason, you should carefully weigh the base before the weaned child.

Features breastfeeding

entire period of breastfeeding in women by type of milk can be divided into three phases.This is the period of colostrum (first few days), the development of "mature" milk (approximately 1.8 years) and lactation involution (the grad

ual reduction of its quantity).At each stage of the milk it has a special composition.Less traumatic for the child, you can stop breast-feeding, if you wait until the start of the period of involution.On the composition of the milk at this time it is similar to colostrum and enhances immunity kid.Therefore, little children, to wait for this period is less prone to various diseases after weaning.

determine the start of this stage can be on several grounds.As a rule, if during this period the baby for a long time is not applied to the chest, it will not be so swell, as in the mature phase.In addition, it will be easier to tolerate failure mom if breast milk is full of involutive.If the milk is more mature, this process will be quite painful for the child's mind, and he will actively protest.

Apart from the purely medical indications to the terms of feeding, there is their explanation in terms of psychology.In the process of weaning the baby is experiencing some stress, allowing him to move to a new stage of development, mature.And how correctly to stop lactation depends on the psychological comfort of the baby in the future.This issue was considered by many scientists and researchers.It was quite a qualitatively argued that children who continue after a year and a half of milk to nurse, have a worse diction and a smaller vocabulary.In addition, the abrupt cessation of lactation radical methods when not gradually reduced to the minimum number of the number of daily feedings, and it is abandoned edinomomentno (mother leaves for a few days, chest rubs, perebintovyvaet it and does not give the child) becomes a serious blow to the psyche of the baby.In addition, for children with neurological problems, on the contrary, it shows a long power through the mother's breast.

Therefore, if the issue of termination of breastfeeding becomes relevant, it should be done carefully, slowly, so as not to create additional stress to the kid.