If you are bitten by a stray dog, the first thing to do is to immediately wash with soap and water bite.Try to wash the wound as possible intensively, at least 10 minutes.In deep wounds it is recommended to wash the affected area using soapy water jet, for example, through a catheter or syringe.In no case do not cauterize the wound and does not pose their own joints.

as soon as possible, contact the nearest emergency room, because the success of rabies vaccine prevention largely depends on how soon you get a fully trained medical help.Tell your doctor the following information: the appearance and behavior of the animal, the presence or absence of the collar, under any circumstances, the bite was inflicted.

At the hospital you will be assigned a special vaccination course.Do not be afraid to ask for help,
painful injections in the stomach for a long time do not.Currently, the patient is administered the vaccine, and go home.The procedure is repeated five to six times.Bitten may leave the hospital in the event of particularly serious condition.In addition, under particular scrutiny are individuals with allergic diseases or diseases of the nervous system, pregnant women, and persons recently vaccinated other vaccines.At the time of vaccination and during the next 6 months is recommended not to drink alcohol.In addition, during the course of vaccination against rabies are contraindicated exhaustion, hypothermia or overheating.

Protect yourself from the attacks of stray dogs.If you see that you are running or animal growls, then be prepared for the fact that it can throw at you.Try to find shelter immediately, climb a tree or fence.Go into the water when near the pond: water spray can stop the dog.Try to throw it a stick or stone, aim for the nose: this is the most painful place in animals.