you need
  • Honey - about 3 tablespoons.
for honey massage only need to use natural honey, the best liquid.Honey can be solidified melt in a water bath, and then used for other purposes.This massage can be done for the whole body, as well as for its individual parts.But most of this procedure are subject to the back, thighs, buttocks.If massage some parts of the body, then this should be done before the full body massage.This is to ensure that the blood in the session is not flowed to the individual sections is greater than the other.
to massage the back, thighs and
buttocks enough three tablespoons of honey.First, the product is distributed evenly across the surface of the massaged.Then the body is warm.You can use the classic methods of massage.Massaging the back or other parts of the body can be the base or edge of the palm, fingertips.
When massaged surface is warmed up, and the honey begins to stick to the hands, changing the character of the movements.The palms are pressed against the body and then break away from him.First, the movement should be soft and not sharp.It is possible to massage both hands at once, and you can alternate hands.Gradually, movements become more intense.This changes the consistency of honey, since it is mixed with sebum.During a massage from the body are derived slag contamination.They remain on the surface and massaged at the hands of a masseur.At the end of the session, they are removed with a cloth or towel.
Massage terminated when the patient begins to experience unpleasant, uncomfortable feelings.If massage is done for the first time, you may experience pain.But with each session they will become less.If a person has a high pain threshold, the massage can not do the entire surface of the palm and fingertips only.
After the massage the patient should take a warm shower to wash away the sticky mass to the body.Thereafter it can be applied to the body moisturizer.